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Here’s everything you need to do:

1. Buy the book

It’s not expensive

2. Read the book

3. Follow the instructions

4. Test it for a month

Without risking any money at all

5. When you’re ready
Open a broker account
With as little as $300 (or pounds or euros)

You don’t pay us the $300
The money is yours and stays yours because it’s in your own broker account

Not ours

But you only do this when you’re ready – after you see the simplicity and profitability of the strategy

Just so you know, you’ll be working in


We want you to know that up front

“WAIT!” You say. “Forex is dangerous!”

You are right
That is true
If you don’t know what you are doing
And approach it sensibly

Which is one reason
you will try it out for a month first
before you invest any money

During that month you will see
Our strategy is safe and effective with sane money and risk management